Living in the era of tremendous technological improvements, modern consumers nowadays have the possibility to choose among different food products and accustom their diets to their income and preferences. However, these changes appear to be a double edged sword -many producers use the opportunity to place their newly created products on the market and reach uninformed customers.


You have probably seen many ‘strange’ products on the shelves. One of them is the so called ‘fake rice’. As you can guess, we are talking about artificially produced rice. Artificially would not sound that bad, if auditors did not confirmed that this ‘rice’ is made out of plastic. To be more specific, International Business Times reports that the new ‘rice’ is made out of potatoes and synthetic resin.

The product comes from China and has already reached the Asian market. The next target market for this product was said to be Singapore.

The plastic rice is reported to cause gastritis and various stomach diseases. Consumers are not able to recognize this product on their own, because it is mixed with regular rice and has the same appearance.

Health experts warn that this product can seriously damage the digestive system.

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