Did you know that the shape and size of your toes can reveal a lot about you and your personality? Actually, the length of your toes is thinly correlated to your lineage. One of the researchers investigating this correlation is Jane Sheehan. In one interview she stated the following:

“It’s all about analyzing the structure and texture and imbalances of the feet to understand someone’s emotions and personality,”. According to her findings, different shapes of toes are related to different personalities. In continuation we present you the results of her research and information about each toe type.

Now, take a quick look at your toes and keep reading !

Long second toe

If your second toe is longer than the others, this is to say that you are a born leader. Most of the rulers from Hawaiian Royal dynasties and Egypt had long second toes.

Last joint of third toe at an angle

If you have this toe shape, choosing a detective career is the right choice for you. You have the ability to deceive, spy and collect information quickly.

Verysmall little toe

If your little toe appears to be very small, this means that deep inside you are still a child. In order to properly function, you need a great amount of fun in your daily life, relationships, and even work place.

Second toe on left foot leaning towards big toe

These people are very sensitive and emotional. Their decisions are usually based on their emotions.

Little toe pointing at an angle

This is an indicator of a restless spirit and unconventional nature. If you are able to waggle your little toe that means that you are a person that gets bored easily and needs constant changes.

So now, besides the fact that your toes can reveal a lot about you and your personality, it has been claimed that they can also tell a lot about your origin. In the chart below you can check which is your toe shape and how does it relate to your origins as well.