If you are concerned with your health, you have probably read or heard about moringa already. This plant has recently been largely discussed in media due to its amazing health benefits. The Moringa tree grows in native parts of Africa and Asia. The most interesting thing about this plant is that each part of it is edible. The pods, fruits, flowers, roots are edible and are very often used in South Indian delicacies because of their unique taste.

In continuation, we highlight some of the health benefits of moringa :

The seeds of the plant can be used to produce Ben oil which is very similar to olive oil in terms of nutrition. Also, Ben oil is rich in antioxidants and its shelf life is indefinite.

Moreover, the leaves of moringa contain three times more iron that spinach, which so far has been considered as a plant that has the highest iron content.

Moringa tea has the ability to increase your energy levels naturally and keep them boosted for a period of time much longer than coffee cann.

Moringa contains four times more vitamin A than carrots. At the same time it is a great source of beta-carotene.

Moringa supplements are claimed to be significantly better than other vitamins and food supplements available on the market. This is due to the fact that they do not contain synthetic ingredients.


Moringa has two times more protein per gram than plain greek yogurt…And four times more calcium per gram than milk.

It has three times more potassium per gram than bananas…And seven timer more vitamin C per gram than oranges.

Despite all these information on nutritional and health benefits of moringa, there are numerous claims by scientists that say that Moringa has Anti-Cancer Effects.

Namely, the plant contains very powerful anti-cancer compounds, such as kaempferol, rhamnetin and isoquercetin. These compounds are found to fight against ovarian cancer, liver cancer and lung cancer.

But, the list of health benefits of moringa does not end here. The plant is also used as water purifier, it improves human lactation and is a powerful skin cleanser. It can also be used for treatment of wounds, insect bites and burns. Most importantly, moringa has no side effects and it is safe for both children and adults.